HD marketing team 05-2019

Our company was founded at the beginning of 2011 as a Limited Liability Company, still under the management of the hungarian founders. Initially we’ve worked with 3 people, after an organic growth currently we work with 18 employees who are managing our 80+ clients.

Over the years, beyond core business an influencer marketing agency grown out from it as a spin-off company, it manages the largest Hungarian brands and YouTube partners in the region under the brand name Star Network.

Due to the continuous and significant growth of our customer base, we moved to a new, more spacious (our 3rd) office at the beginning of 2019.

Our customers are among the market leaders in e-commerce and B2B&B2C services in the Hungarian market.

Over the years, we have won many awards and prizes, and we are very proud of them.

We regularly perform at the biggest marketing conferences in Hungary, we are present at workshops, lectures, and we pay special attention to update our consultants’ marketing knowledge.

Our campaign management presences

  • Hungary
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Danmark
  • France
  • USA

Some of Our Conference Appearances


Google Qualifications

  • We’re a Google Premier Partner since 2011, which means we could keep our PPC services standards at a high level and keep up spending growth for years. Consultants pass Google Ads product certification exams yearly, hence our company specialized in more Ads product areas:
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  • Beyond Ads, our consultants are qualifying themself in the fields of Google Analytics on yearly bases.

Google Analytics IQ illusztracio

  • We’re working closely with YouTube since it’s localized version started in Hungary back in 2012. This – the influencer marketing – industry has been grown so big that it was necessary to create a spin-off company (Star Network) in 2015. But as we work together some of our consultant gained enough knowledge in YouTube channel management & advertisement, we’ve passed YouTube Certified exams too.

youtube certified

Facebook Qualification

  • Advertising on Facebook can be simple. But to do it a very professional level, you have to spend a lot of budge and time learning in’s and out’s of it. With Facebook Blueprint certification  they recognize our wide advertising knowledge, up help us out further to reach our clients’ business goals. Currently 5 of our consultants passed and re-newed yearly Facebook’s exams so we’ve been entitled as Facebook Certified Buying Professional and Planning Professional:


MailChimp Qualification

  • We use the world’s most popular marketing automation & email marketing tool since 2011. MailChimp acknowledged our professional knowledge of it’s system as we’ve entitled a MailChimp Expert company, so are among the 400 company who has this title world-wide.