Some of Our International References

Howmet Aerospace (earlier Arconic)

Howmet Aerospace operates in over 50 locations in 11 countries with products manufactured for the following markets: aerospace, commercial transportation, automotive, building and construction and other industrial markets with 19.900 employees. The company plays an important role in Hungary, it is one of the largest 50 companies and the 10 largest manufacturing investors in the country. The number of employees is close to 1500 in Hungary.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 5 BILLION USD

Our solution: Generating visitor traffic through Howmet's Google Search and Display ads, Branding, Event Support. Advertisements target numerous Central and Western European countries.

Cooperation started: 2016

Given services: Google Ads management

Shop Builder (BioTechUSA brand)

Shopbuilder Ltd. has been operating for over 25 years, it is the most famous bodybuilding and fitness shop in Hungary. Their company’s policy is to offer its customers the widest possible choice. They have been online since 1997. Their webshop is fully self-developed. During the years, over 220,000 customers have been online, which proves that many are satisfied with their work and services. And represented themself as online retail store in 10 different european country.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 6.6 Million Eur

Our solution: Hungary, with intensive performance-based Google Ads campaigns and special enhancements to support them, it has grown into a leading bodybuilding webshop for the country and the region.

Cooperation started: 2013

Given services: Google Ads management, SEO, Google Analytics setup, Google Ads unique development, Tiktok Ads


AXA ASSISTANCE is part of the world’s largest insurance group, AXA, a global leader in the global financial insurance market. The AXA group’s business is regionally diverse, while the Group’s most important parts are located in Western Europe, North America and the Far East. AXA has 52 million customers worldwide with 110,000 employees and 400,000 shareholders.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 100 BILLION Eur

Our solution: In the fierce competition of the travel insurance market, Google Ads campaigns with high payback and wide coverage, Axa Assistance is TOP3 player in Hungary with a purely online presence.

Cooperation started: 2015

Given services: Google and Facebook Ads management, SEO, Social communications, Email marketing, Content writing, Strategy Consulting


PERI is a manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems founded in 1969 in Germany. It operates more than 60 subsidiaries and more than 160 warehouse locations, a workforce of 9,100 employees. 

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 1.614 Million Eur

Our solution: It was a particular challenge that this trend failed in most countries, but Google and Facebook ads and search engine optimization used during the collaboration gave PERI new perspectives to sell their products.

Cooperation started: 2017

Given services: Google Ads management, Facebook Ads management, SEO, Content writing

Sika Hungary

Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. Sika has subsidiaries in 101 countries around the world and manufactures in over 300 factories.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 9.3 Billion CHF

Our solution:

From 2019, HD marketing works together with SIka in the field of Google and Facebook Ads, search engine optimization and other research topics, and from 2022, we also work together in the field of social media communication. As a result of our joint work, the online marketing activities raised the Hungarian subsidiary to an exemplary level of growth recognized within the company group, which will soon make it a worthy competitor of its biggest competitors in this field as well.

Cooperation started: 2019

Given services: Google Ads management, Facebook Ads management, SEO, Content writing


Viega is an international manufacturer of heating and plumbing systems, founded in 1899. Today, they export their products to over 75 countries and employ almost 5000 people.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 891 Million Dollar in the US.

Our solution: Since 2020, HD marketing have been supporting social media and newsletter communication in order to properly inform the professionals while adhering to the strict brand guidelines, and to increase the relationship between the brand and the users as much as possible.

Cooperation started: 2020

Given services: Social Media communication, Facebook Ads management, E-mail marketing

Delticom AG

Operating since 1999, Delticom AG is an e-commerce company that operates mainly in Europe and the USA and operates in a total of 74 countries. The e-commerce company has more than 460 online stores and distribution platforms and oversees its 12.8 million customers, working with a global service partner network.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 585 Million Eur

Our solution: Raising B2C e-commerce activity in the automotive sector in Hungary. The primary challenge was to develop a complex target measurement with the Google Tag Manager. Currently, we’ve achieved complex Google Ads performance campaigns to become the market’s TOP3 player.

Cooperation started: 2017

Given services: Google Ads management, Google Analytics setup, Google Tag Manager setup

Invia has been a leading player in the Hungarian travel agency market since 2008 as part of the Invia group since 2002. By now, it has been able to contribute nearly 2.5 million passengers to his dream vacation, while it has been awarded prestigious professional awards and acknowledgements every year. As the largest online travel agency in Europe and as a member of Invia group, it collaborates in seven countries with the best travel agencies with the best quality services.

The company’s annual net income in 2021 was 1.6 Million Eur (highly Covid affected)

Our solution: Google Ads has made the most dynamic player in the market with high-intensity performance campaigns through campaign’s and back-up of business information, where its main competitors are and by now.

Cooperation started: 2012

Given services: Google Ads management, SEO, Google Ads unique development


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