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In this accelerated online world, an advertiser reach his business goals through digital marketing if he gets the most out of his target audience, measure his campaigns, and test new opportunities.

To do this, you should use inhouse, up-to-date marketing professionals or choose an external partner with such an approach.

And if you do it in a new country, you need to be more cautious with advertising to save time and marketing budget and do it in a much more effective way.

Our company’s consultants have a wide range of marketing experiences and pro-active attitude, with using this and adopting new opportunities are helping our international clients!

PPC solutions

Our consultants are waiting you with wide PPC management experience to achieve success in long term, whether it is a simple service website or a very complex retail site.
Do you need only a little help or training for your PPC campaigns? Our experts can help you with that on a hourly basis.
Would you like to advertise a “grey area” in the eyes of Google or Facebook? Or a retail site with 100,000+ product and a quickly changing stock inventory? We’ve got tested solutions for these changes.
Should you advertise in unknown ways or technical challenges came up? Our developers will quickly find a solution to solve this, as we have done in dozens time at other projects.

Social solutions

In order to communicate on highly accelerated social platforms in a new country, a thoroughly worked out communication strategy is essential. With this, you can save a lot of time and marketing spending by reaching your business goals more efficiently and quickly.
Would you outsource the entire process of communicating on each platform? We do everything from technical things, posting and creating creatives to comment management.
Do you have a social expert in-house? Our experts can supervise her in technical or linguistic tasks to make more results.
Would you introduce your brand to the Hungarian market with influencers? We are in contact with hundreds of YouTube-Instagram-Facebook influencers with whom we have produced thousands of sponsored content.

SEO solutions

Evaluate your site based on the latest Google algorithms, outline technical and content checklists to get more relevant traffic from the search engine in Hungary.
Would you outsource long-term SEO activities for increasing organic traffic? On a monthly basis, we make technical and content enhancements, if you need linkmarking, and then report it.
Do you want to have many well-written hungarian content, which users and search engine will love? Our professional writers have proven themselves at dozens of clients.
Do you already have an in-house SEO person? We can support him technically but mainly with Hungarian content ideas to achieve better results in Google together.

Email marketing solutions

Currently, we are the only Hungarian company whom have achieved MailChimp Experts status as we have also proven that we are handling at high level the world’s most popular email marketing system.
Would you outsource the entire hungarian email marketing activity? From the launch of promotions, the creation of creatives and newsletters, to the growing of database, we will do everything for you.
We will check your email activity in technical and linguistic point-of-view, give you ideas for improvement and testing.
Have Email Marketing Solved For You? Periodically, our consultants will help you to get even better results.

Digital Agency solutions

Make the most of your website’s visitors with a sophisticatedly coordinated automations of different systems.
It’s still deliver better efficiency than email marketing on the Hungarian market. We complete the entire setup and management process.
The best growing marketing solution is a Facebook or other based chatbot. It relieves a lot of customer service issues, is able to convey offers and bring users closer to your brand.
Some of those who want to leave the website can still be encouraged to convert. Using several systems, we do this on the Hungarian market.

Analytics & CRO solutions

We assess the website for the Hungarian market from a measurement point of view, adjust / modify the measurements and teach the marketing person (country manager) for the interpretation of the data.
Is it difficult or expensive for developers to take codes into the website? With the help of the Tag Manager, much can be saved, so we can do more measurement quicker.
The resulting marketing data should be visualized for ease of understanding. We can collect dozens of data from dozens of systems and serve you to make it easier to understand the relationships among them.
Want a better performing Hungarian website? After UX, heat map, and video analysis, we’ll tell you which version should test the website to get even better results.

how we work?

how we work?

We have worked with Hungarian representatives of an international companies in several ways. Our experience is that this kind of cooperation is most effective if:

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